Robert Redford to produce unscripted CNN series

NEW YORK (AP) — CNN is planning an unscripted series about Chicago that will be executive-produced by Robert Redford. The eight-part series, “Chicagoland,” will premiere in 2014. CNN said Wednesday that “Chicagoland” will explore where politics and policy meet people’s lives in the quintessentially American city. Redford called Chicago a city with “a rhythm all its own” and said he is “honored” to play a part in telling its story. “Chicagoland” comes from Sundance Productions. It will be produced by Marc Levin and Mark Benjamin, the filmmakers who made the award-winning “Brick City,” a documentary TV series about Newark, N.J.

Sundance heats up with a slew of sex-themed films

PARK CITY, Utah (AP) — The Sundance Film Festival has never been sexier. The annual independent-film showcase has featured a slew of sexually themed movies in its various categories this year. There are stories about women using sex to work through their mid-life crises, narrative and documentary examinations of pornography and its players, and coming-of-age stories in which sex plays a central role. Festival founder Robert Redford says the on-screen sex of today is often devoid of the romance that was essential in late 1960s, when he first started making movies. So what has inspired the Sundance sexual revolution? Stars Read More

Sundance Film Festival

Redford: Diversity reigns at Sundance Festival

PARK CITY, Utah (AP) — Diversity is king at the Sundance Film Festival — and queen, too. For the first time, half of the films featured were made by women. Festival founder Robert Redford says “diversity is the point” of the independent film showcase. That’s further evidenced this year by contributions from 32 countries and 51 first-time filmmakers. Redford and lead members of his Sundance staff opened the 11-day festival Thursday with a news conference at the Egyptian Theatre in Park City, Utah, where the festival has been held since 1981. The festival begins in earnest Thursday night with screenings Read More

Sundance Day One: Fest jumps right in with 4 films

PARK CITY, Utah (AP) — Film festivals can get off to a slow start. All that planning, all that travel booking for stars coming to pillage the gift suites, then everyone stands around waiting for a single movie, that big opening-night premiere, to get things rolling. It’s a lot to ask of one movie to set a tone for scores of films to follow over a week and a half. The Cannes Film Festival practically put itself on suicide watch in 2008 by opening with the bleak plague drama “Blindness.” A year later, Cannes organizers lightened up and started with Read More

Robert Redford’s Sundance Partners Sued for Breach of Contract

Those traveling to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, might want to stop off at the Zoom Restaurant — the subject of a lawsuit that was filed on Monday. Sundance First Look: ‘Afternoon Delight’ Poster Sundance 2013: 10 Hot Films Hitting Park City Sundance 2013: New Celebrity Shopping Site ‘WishClouds’ Debuts At The Sundance Film Festival The lawsuit comes from the Hype Creative Agency, which says it has been doing Sundance festival events for the past five years, has worked with such clients as Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Motorola, and AT&T, and takes Read More