Watch “Love & Hip Hop” (New York) Season 4 Episode 2

Love is complicated, but pregnancy and marriage is like walking a tightrope while blindfolded over a swamp full of crocodiles.

The men and women of “Love & Hip Hop try to balance their careers, their families and their sex lives to varying degrees of success. After a tumultuous existence on last season, Joe and Tahiry are miraculously the idealistic picture of a healthy and happy romance.

Peter Gunz, meanwhile, continues to unravel the mess that is his love life as his artist and wife, Amina, forces his hand by blurting out to Rich Dollaz that she’s not just the Joseline Hernandez to Peter’s Stevie J. She’s actually his wife.

Upon hearing this news, Rich looks like he just found out Olivia was actually born a man as his jaw is pretty much on the floor. Peter has no reasonable explanation so he just mutters and promises to come clean to Tara soon.

Well, soon comes in the form of a welcome party for K. Michelle that Yandy is throwing in the former Atlanta star’s honor. Being the kind and cordial lady that she is, Yandy invited both Amina and Tara to the event. Once Peter catches wind of the potential collision course between his baby mama and his wife, he hops in his Batmobile and tries to save the day.

Watch how Peter Gunz and the rest of the gang in the latest episode of LHHNY

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